Muscle Cell Differentiation Kits & Media

Our muscle cell differentiation kits allow researchers to quickly and efficiently differentiate their desired iPS cell line into muscle cells. Our workflows are simple to follow and yield reproducible results.

Quick-Muscle™ Differentiation Kits & Media

Although human iPSCs have many advantages over existing models, a drawback is that differentiation has historically been a very time and labor intensive process. Our muscle cell differentiation kits overcome this obstacle by utilizing our proprietary transcription factor-based technology that allows for rapid and reproducible differentiation of stem cells into muscle cells in just 1 week. Maintenance media is also available for long-term maintenance of differentiated muscle cell cultures.


  • Differentiate your desired iPSC line
  • Fast differentiation and maturation
  • Highly pure population
  • No genetic footprint
Cat No. Product Name Disease StatusDescription
SM-SeV Quick-Muscle™ Skeletal - SeV Kit This kit differentiates human pluripotent stem cells into skeletal muscle cells in 6 days using Sendai virus.
SM-mRNA Quick-Muscle™ Skeletal - mRNA Kit This kit differentiates human pluripotent stem cells into skeletal muscle cells in 7 days using synthetic mRNA.
SM-MM Quick-Muscle™ Skeletal - Maintenance Medium Medium for long-term maintenance of human iPS/ESC-derived skeletal muscle.


Timeline of skeletal muscle cell after using the skeletal muscle differentiation kit

Timeline of skeletal muscle cell differentiation and maturation. Representative images of Quick-Muscle™ Skeletal - mRNA Kit cell cultures on days 1-6 post-differentiation (scale bar = 100 μm).

Quick-Muscle™ Skeletal cells show typical skeletal muscle cell morphology and express MHC. Immunofluorescent staining of Quick-Muscle™ Skeletal - mRNA cell cultures on day 6 post-differentiation show expression of myosin heavy chain (scale bar = 100 μm).

Immunofluorescent staining of Skeletal - mRNA cell cultures on day 6 post-differentiation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license for commercial use of Elixirgen’s muscle cell differentiation kits?

No. The use of muscle cell differentiation kits provided by Elixirgen Scientific does not require any additional license from other parties for any type of use, except for use in humans or for therapeutic or diagnostic use.

Should I use an mRNA- or SeV-based differentiation kit?

Both delivery methods provide robust “footprint-free,” non-integrating expression of the transcription factors, although each kit uses a slightly different workflow. Based on our data, the differentiation efficiency between an mRNA-based and a SeV-based kit is similar.

We recommend the mRNA-based kit for skeletal muscle cell differentiation in labs with experience culturing iPSCs/ESCs, as the workflow involves slightly more manipulation of fragile differentiating cells than the SeV-based kit. The SeV-based kit is better for labs with little experience culturing iPSCs/ESCs, although they must be used with BSL-2 safety measures and may require prior approval from your Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).