iPSC Differentiation Services

Get your studies off the ground fast with Elixirgen Scientific’s iPSC services. Our proprietary technology enables iPSC differentiation with a faster turnaround time than any other iPSC service provider in the world. Simply send us your human pluripotent stem cells (iPS or ES cells) and receive differentiating or terminally differentiated cells in as little as 2 weeks.

How it Works


Project Design Consultation

Whether you’re an experienced iPSC researcher or just getting started, our scientists are here to answer your questions and provide ongoing support. All iPSC services begin with a free consultation to define the scope of the project, including the desired differentiated cell type, the production scale (1-50 million viable cells), and desired characterization assays (ICC, MEA, etc.).

If you don’t currently have an iPSC line, we can also provide assistance in obtaining iPSC lines from iPSC banks or gene-editing service providers. Consultations are free, so request a consultation today to discuss your project requirements.


iPSC Expansion or Adaptation (Optional)

Upon receiving your frozen or live iPSC line(s), we expand or adapt the cells in optimal conditions for growth and differentiation. For our transcription factor-based differentiation platform, we use feeder-free, single-cell passaging conditions for iPSC expansion/adaptation for best results.

During iPSC expansion, we produce working and back-up stocks of the iPSC line along with a certificate of analysis to verify pluripotency and karyotype upon request.


iPSC Differentiation

Our proprietary iPSC differentiation technology produces functional, highly pure populations neurons in as little as 1 week without leaving a genetic footprint.

Our standard differentiated cell types include a variety of neuronal subtypes (GABAergic, dopaminergic, cholinergic, or mixed) but we can also use our iPSC expertise to develop a custom differentiation strategy for generating your desired cell or tissue type.




Prior to shipping, we conduct a variety of quality control checks to ensure that differentiated cells are free from contaminants, express lineage-specific markers, and have optimal post-thaw viability.

We also offer a variety of optional in-house assay services, including microelectrode array (MEA), neurite outgrowth assay, and calcium transient assay, if in depth functional characterization is desired.

Differentiated cells are shipped either live or cryopreserved depending on preference and are supplied with media supplements and detailed instructions for optimal cell maintenance.

Tetsuya Tanaka, Ph.D.

Director, Molecular Biology

Talk to an Expert

Our iPSC services start from just $1,000. Project design consultations are free, so contact us today to find out how we can help you accelerate your research.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the iPSC services cost?

The price for the differentiation of one hPSC (iPS or ES) line starts at just $1,000.

I don't have my own cells, where can I order an iPSC line?

How do I ship my hPSC line?

Sending biomaterials is always challenging. However, Elixirgen Scientific has a lot of experience in cross border logistics for cells and biological materials. Our knowledge and expertise will navigate you to properly prepare your iPSCs to ship. We use dry ice shipment in the US and liquid nitrogen dry shipper internationally to ship cryopreserved cells. We can also accept live hPSC lines to speed up an entire process and lower total fees.

Can you reprogram my cells into iPSCs?

We do not currently offer services for reprogramming cells into iPSCs. However, we can work with our partners to take care of this reprogramming services from fibroblast or PBMC.