Trilineage Differentiation Assay Kit

Quickly assess the pluripotency of your iPSC or ESC lines by obtaining mature markers of all three germ layers in just 1 week. Use this kit to identify the best clones and pluripotent lines with more confidence.


Differentiation Assay kit workflow

Representative images of Quick-Trilineage™ Differentiation - SeV cell culture plated with 1.6 x 105 cells on days 1, 2, 3, and 6 post-differentiation (scale bars = 100 μm).

Real-time quantitative PCR analysis of expression levels of genes AFP, ALB, NCAM1, ND1, and MYL1 were examined. The graph shows gene expression in Quick-Trilineage™ Differentiation - SeV culture (1.6 x 105 cells plated) on day 6 post-differentiation.The relative gene expression is normalized to phosphoglycerate kinase 1 (PGK1), and then calculated as a fold induction relative to undifferentiated hPSCs as a control. Error bars show standard deviation.

(A) Gene expression profiles of human iPSCs and Quick-Trilineage™ Differentiation - SeV Culture on day 6 were compared and the results are shown as scatter plots. The horizontal axis indicates the expression levels of genes in human iPSCs (obtained from the CIRM hPSC Repository for Medical Research: CW50065), whereas the vertical axis indicates the expression levels of genes in Quick-Trilineage™ Differentiation - SeV Culture on day 6. The levels of gene expression are shown based on transcripts per million (TPM) in the log10 scale. Red and green dots represent upregulated and downregulated genes (FDR<0.05), respectively, relative to their levels in human iPSCs. (B) TPM values in the log10 scale of representative genes from three germ layers in human iPSCs and Quick-Trilineage™ Differentiation - SeV Culture on day 6.

Assay Kits

Our Quick-Trilineage™ Differentiation Kit allows researchers to quickly, easily, and efficiently differentiate their iPS or ES cell line of choice into cells of three germ layers. The kits utilize temperature sensitive Sendai virus to deliver our proprietary cocktail of transcription factors that induce differentiation without leaving a genetic footprint.

Cat No. Product Name Disease StatusDescription
TL-SeV Quick-Trilineage™ Differentiation - SeV Kit This kit differentiates human pluripotent stem cells into cells of three germ layers in 6 days using Sendai virus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to use Elixirgen’s iPSC-derived cells and/or differentiation reagent kits?

No. The use of differentiated cells or kits provided by Elixirgen Scientific does not require any additional license from other parties for any type of use, except for use in humans or for therapeutic or diagnostic use. Check out our license statement in Resource section for further detail.